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Every time order like this one is sent to us we always start by looking at the accompanying instructions. Sometimes the client wants us to proofread an article for them. When our writers are asked to proofread, the first thing that comes to their minds is that there will be no additional content being put into the article. The writer simply goes through the article and checks for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, proper sentence structures, and the basic flow of ideas.

In articles review help the writer must have an understanding of the topic under discussion this will assist the writer to review the article accurately. The interaction between the client and the writer will also be much easier. Working together with the client when doing proofreading will make the writer’s work easier in case there is a point that needs discussion.

When it comes to article review, at premium essay help we also do editing services. This includes additional and removal of content on the draft article. Here the writer has the permission to add or remove whatever content they deem necessary. This is according to their own research on the topic. The client then goes through the article and verifies it to their satisfaction. If the client is not satisfied with the article then the writer has to go through the article again until the client is satisfied.

Rewriting can also be done when asked to review an article. This is done as per the instructions of the client. May it be reviewing a book or a print article it is all done as per the instructions of the client. When placing an order for an article to be rewritten the,  the client must send a draft copy of the article. We then pass it through a plagiarism test to make sure it is 100% original. Our writers then do their own research and come up with an article similar to the draft.

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