Lab reports writing assistance

When faced with a paper asking you to discuss a certain phenomenon like the consequences of rapid population growth in developing countries. It is required of the student to make reference to the studies done by various researchers. This means that you quote the results of their studies in your paper and indicate the reference material. This shows organization in your work. This is also used to support your points when you need to expound on it. This is very common when writing a lab report.

Writing reports is tasking due to the format involved which is mandatory to follow. It involves writing an abstract, introduction, experimental procedure, results, discussion and conclusion. Abstract is about what happened and how. It is a brief detailed summary of the report. This enables the researcher to grasp the details of the report without having to read the whole report. The introduction explains the details of the experiment; including all the theory involved in carrying out the experiment. Basically it tells the readers what you are about to do and how you will do it. This includes all the background information on reaction mechanisms. The introduction should be short and precise. The experimental procedures mainly outline the whole procedure on how to go about the process. It should be precise with the measurements needed for safety reasons. The results section includes tabulation of results and any calculations done this documentation will assist when doing the discussion. The discussion part is whereby you give a full account of happened in the experiment, you results interpretation and also draw conclusions. How you give the result interpretation is more important than the results themselves. The conclusion is similar to the abstract. It gives a quick overview of everything that happened and why. It is short and to the point.

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