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In order to get a custom essay or paper certain guidelines have to be followed but for all the papers written the one major guideline is that in depth research should be done. This is crucial because this is how you get answers to your various questions. Without in-depth research the writer will automatically have a very shallow paper that is not compelling. For example a thesis is an argument that can be supported by evidence. This evidence comes from research using the thesis questions that you put up. If the evidence you present does not outline the interpretation of the question, precision of the facts and surprise then it is considered a sham. When the professor is presented with a thesis like this, they simply reject it. So in order for you to present a thesis that will leave your professor with no choice but to accept your arguments, you need to do very extensive research and present your findings well. Remember to present unique findings not the everyday findings that everyone is presenting but also be sure to support your findings with enough evidence. This way you will be setting yourself up for excellent grades.

When looking for an ideal writing site it is important to be careful the site you choose. It is always good to get your essays from a site that either you know or that has been recommended by a friend. Most of the sites posing as writing experts are siply a hoax, it is not right for you to lose your marks because a certain person conned you. This is the reason that we at premiumessayhelp give you a custom made paper just for you. We do ask you for notes or a reference book so that we write an essay similar to the one you would have written yourself. Your professor knows you by the work you present in class so it is only logical that you present a paper that he will not be suspicious of.
Once a request for a custom paper comes in we always give it to our expert writers in that particular field this means that the writer is aware of the guidelines of writing that particular paper. Like giving an economics paper to a sociology expert means that the writer will need to familiarize with the guidelines of writing an economics paper which may take a lot of time and that will mean we will not deliver the paper on time. It also means that the student will not get the best paper.

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