Pricing Policy

Our main aim at Premiumessayhelp is to give the client satisfaction with the work that we do. We therefore ensure that we give the best quality services at the fairest prices. This will definitely keep the client coming back and that is what makes us unique to other online writing sites. Our pricing policy is quite considerate and very accommodating to all our clients.

Our prices are based on the following factors:

  • The delivery deadline-the shorter the deadline the more expensive it is.
  • The type of writing requested:

-Writing from scratch-will be more expensive than rewriting, editing or proofreading

-Rewriting services- these are expensive than proofreading and editing services.

-Proofreading- it is the cheapest of all our services

-Editing services-it is cheaper than all the others except proofreading.

We do have very competitive discounts for all our customers. The discounts for first time clients are not always available but for the regular clients we do have discounts lined up for you.

  • We have a one-time 10% discount for our first time clients but they are not always available.
  • For our frequent clients we have various discounts lined for them every time they place an order with us.

We advise our clients to enquire about our discount policies every time they place an order to ensure that they take advantage of all the offers. Our prices are also negotiable to accommodate every one of our clients. We would want all our clients to feel free to talk to us about our pricing and let us know how friendly it is to them.

Our pricing policy is reasonable enough to cater for all our financial needs and pay our writers well enough to motivate them to do a good job. We also make sure that our policy is client friendly.

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