In a written paper of 1,200-1,500 words, apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease

This is a benchmark assignment.

In a written paper of 1,200-1,500 words, apply the concepts of epidemiology and nursing research to a communicable disease.

Communicable Disease Selection

Choose one communicable disease from the following list:

Hepatitis B
Epidemiology Paper Requirements

Include the following in your assignment:

Description of the communicable disease (causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment) and the demographic of interest (mortality, morbidity, incidence, and prevalence).
Describe the determinants of health and explain how those factors contribute to the development of this disease.
Discuss the epidemiologic triangle as it relates to the communicable disease you have selected. Include the host factors, agent factors (presence or absence), and environmental factors. (The textbook describes each element of the epidemiologic triangle).
Explain the role of the community health nurse (case finding, reporting, data collecting, data analysis, and follow-up).
Identify at least one national agency or organization that addresses the communicable disease chosen and describe how the organization(s) contributes to resolving or reducing the impact of disease.
A minimum of three references is required.

Refer to “Communicable Disease Chain” and “Chain of Infection” for assistance completing this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.


A comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture produced on a group basis(4 people). The business would start in UK,London.

Assessment :Business Plan (max. 3000words, excluding tables)

Topic: A comprehensive business plan for a new start-up venture produced on a group basis(4 people). The business would start in UK,London, and the owners would be Lindy, Jane, Kary, Nelly.

The business in this case is open a Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream shop with different special flavours. All ice-cream are freshly made to order, to give customer the freshest taste. As it is made in order, therefore all ice-cream are no artificial flavoring, no coloring, and no stabilizers, and never stored in freezers to retain the freshness.

You might refer to which is a popular, successful Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream shop in Hong Kong. I would like to bring this business concept into the UK market. Launching the shop with a Chic and modern fashion of eating enjoyment, and spreading a message and image that eating ice-cream no longer only related to kids and children, but suitable for all ages and gender.

I would like you to state and mention about the unique selling point(USP) of the business. As I am thinking our USP can be we produce very special and unique ice-cream flavour to our customer which they had never try before, such as Japanese Wasabi flavour, Durian flavour, Bubble Tea flavour, Seasalt milk flavour, Cucumber & Lime flavour, Oolong tea flavor, etc, and we don’t produce traditional flavor to customer. These “special” flavour will change each week, which means it can attract customer’s curiosity to try our product.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You must meet the criteria outlined below in the learning outcomes at the required level; that is, you must provide evidence of an ability to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas (Learning outcomes 1, 2, 3):
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theories surrounding SME development/growth/survival and how they relate to the wider environment of business support and economic development.
2. Assess the relevance and impact of Government initiatives in relation to the needs of SMEs, especially during start up phases.
3. Develop and evaluate business plans taking into account issues such as time management, business/market research, team management (including co-ordination and delegation), and presentation skills.

Important notes: Knowledge must be based on the core reading list:
• Carter, S. and Jones-Evans, D. (2012) Enterprise and Small Business: Principles, Practice and Policy. 3rd edn. Essex: Pearson Education Ltd.
• Burns, P. (2011) Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 3rd edn. Palgrave.
• Blundel, R. and Lockett, N. (2011) Exploring Entrepreneurship: Practices and Perspectives. Oxford University Press.
• Stokes, D., Wilson, N. and Mador, M. (2010) Entrepreneurship. Cengage Learning EMEA.

Structure of the Business Plan:
1) Executive summary
• The main business idea should be made very clear and justified ~ “Business Concept”: What is the product/service?,How will you make money?,Why is this a good business to invest in?)
2) Company Objectives
3) Vision & Mission statement
4) Description of the business
5) Key personnel and their roles
6) Strategic Plan
• Business, industry and market profile (Estimate market size)
• SWOT Analysis (additionally make a table format)
• Business strategy (defining business model, Models include reference to both strategy and implementation: How it will select its customers, How it defines and differentiates its product offerings, How it creates utility for its customers, How it acquires and keeps customers, How it goes to the market(promotion strategy and distribution strategy), How it defines the tasks to be performed, How it configures its resources and captures profit, Formulate Strategies for Competitive Advantage, Potential market share and Market penetration rate)
• Competitor analysis (focus on 1-2 main competitors with in-depth details)
• Description of product/service
7) Operational Plan (Where will you locate your business?
What business functions/activities make up your organisation?
Resources (inputs) available and needed to create your product/service? Make or Buy?
Operation process (how do you produce)?
What outputs (product/service) does your business provide?
What capacity for product manufacture and service production do you plan (number of units)?
Others: permits and regulations, environmental issues, storage, quality control)
• Marketing plan and marketing strategy
• 4Ps (In the 4Ps section, I would like to you to state 12 months of Promotional Programme (Suggest 2-4 promotional activities, a month by month programme of the promotional activities, starting some time before the product launch and continuing during the life of the product. The programme should identify each activities and state its objectives, duration and approximate cost.Please also present with a table clearly).
• Communications plan
• Production plan
• HR plan
• Description of management team
8) Capital resources plan (Required capital assets, Operating expenditure)
9) Financial plan- Funding requirements (in table format if necessary)
This section should explain: How much money do you need to implement your business plan?
Which sources of capital are available to you to cover your financing needs?
How will your revenue, costs and income develop?
How will your cash flow develop? When will you expect to break even?
How much cash is needed in the worst scenario?
What deal are you offering potential investors?
What return can investors expect?

• Loan/investment proposal
• Cash flow statement
• Risk analysis (Qualitative risk analysis, Risk matrix, risk sensitivity analysis) – and advise solutions to solve out the possible risk.
• Exit strategy
• Roll-out plan-Initial start-up costs
• Forecast sales volume
• Break even calculation
• Company valuation
10) Appendix
• Tables containing numerical information
• Assumptions
• Technical details
• Blueprints (if any)
• Founder’s CVs
• Market research results
11) Bibliography (with proper in-text reference!)

Essay on John brown

Using American Literature in Context to 1865, the 2005 The Atlantic article about John Brown and the two The Atlantic articles from 1872 by Franklin Sanborn (there are links to these articles in the 2005 article), write a 2 page essay about how the example of John Brown–the man, the myth, the inspiration for a wide range of literary production–shows us how all American Literature (and specifically American literary production from before 1865) continues to be “rewritten” and sometimes understood anew as history continues.
More requirements for this paper:

1. Use MLA format for citations. The Works Cited page does not count as part of the length requirement.

2. The entire paper should contain only 2-3 direct quotations and only 2-3 paraphrases to support your points. Be clear when you are paraphrasing.

3. The paper should be written in Times New Roman 12pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.

4. Your heading and title should not take up more than two inches at the top of your front page.

5. Avoid unnecessary summary as this is unlikely to help you meet the terms of the assignment.

6. Your paper should be at least 2 complete pages, but it should also not be longer than a page and a half.

Film Review of “American Sniper”

A) FILM REVIEW: There have been countless TV shows and movies made that relate to government or international policy to some extent. For this assignment, you will given a film to review. Watch it in full. Then, in 4-6 pages, write an essay that discusses the following:

1. What film/show did you choose and why? How does it relate to anything that we have discussed in class?
2. Is your selection historically, socially, or legally accurate? In other words, examine the inaccuracies in your film. Film, in and of itself, takes a great deal of creative leeway. Describe the accuracies and inaccuracies? Could this storyline actually happen? Why or why not? What did the film get wrong, and what actually happened (in order to answer this, you are going to have to actually research the main topics of your film; at least 3 additional sources, NO WIKIPEDIA, and sources must be cited in APA format).
3. Finally, who is the main audience of your selection? Is it geared toward kids, adults, teens, etc.? Is there anything redeemable about your selection? Is there anything that can be learned from it? If so, what? If not, why not? Either way, what are the long-reaching political or social ramifications of viewing this film/TV show? (In other words, could it give people false information? How is this dangerous? Think about this).

Review on Anton Chekov’s ” The Doctor”

This paper is a 3 page literary analysis here are the professors instructions:
Paper Three: A Literary AnalysisOriginalityCheck enabled

English 2157

3rd essay assignment

Your next assignment is an interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s short story, “The Doctor” (1887). Chekhov was a Russian doctor who wrote fiction and plays in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The story is available on the top secret homepage on Cougarview.

You should approach the story by using the skills discussed in Chapter 10 of A Short Guide to Writing About Literature. Consider the role in the story of character, of plot, of point of view, of symbolism, of setting. Here are some of the many questions you might ask yourself about the story:

� What is the role of conflict in the story? How does your response to the story change when you become aware of the major conflict between the two characters?

� With which character do you sympathize? Why?

� Is the story in any way ironic? Does it contain surprises you didn’t expect?

� What is the role of setting? Does the setting offer symbols that help us understand the story better? How does the conflict between the characters change as the time of day changes?

�What role does point of view play in the story?

Your final essay should be 850-1,000 words. Remember that interpretive essays are arguments which require a clear thesis; to receive a high grade, your essay will need to develop the thesis consistently and logically. Don’t be reluctant to use clear imagery and metaphor, or to vary sentence structure; good style can help you make your argument. Yes, you must use specific quotations from the story to back up your ideas; yes, those quotations need to be introduced clearly and analyzed carefully.

The short story is called “The Doctor” by Anton Chekov
Here is a link to the essay :

Please include quotes from the story
and feel free to email or cal me with any questions ! THANK YOU

Health Promotion and Disease

Please review each of the questions below. This is an essay, open –book exam. Please do not consult other students for answers to questions. However, you may consult with Dr. Clark regarding any questions you may have. Download the exam and type in your essay answers (make sure that your completed exam contains the questions as well as your answers). Each question should be answered in at least 2-3 paragraphs. You have until Friday, February 27, 2015 at Midnight (Eastern Standard Time) to turn in the midterm exam. You may fill in the answers directly into this Word Document and rename it and resave it. Please submit it as an attachment (with questions and answers) to the assignment area. Please contact Dr. Clark with any questions or comments. Good luck!!!!

1-Please review the levels of prevention in your text. Choose a disease process or a health related outcome and briefly describe primary , secondary and tertiary prevention strategies for this disease process (examples of disease processes include Hepatitis B, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Osteoporosis, Cervical Cancer). Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 50 points

2-Please review Emerging Populations and Health in your text Please choose an emerging population, ethnic group or minority group and a health related outcome or disease process that is very common in this population. Briefly explain what strategies you would consider in tailoring a health education intervention/program geared towards this population in your community. Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 50 points

3- Please review Health Promotion and the Community and Family in your text. Choose a community health program or intervention in your community or in another community- and briefly describe what the program entails. Describe the impact that it has made in your community. An example of a community health education program is the “Walk safe Program” in South Florida Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 50 points

4-Please review Health Promotion and the Individual in your text. Discuss the importance of the 11 functional health patterns and implications for health promotion practice. Apply the 11 functional health patterns to your own personal wellness or to a willing volunteer and provide a summary of the assessment results. Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 50 points

5-Examine the role of nutrition in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of at least two of the leading nutrition-related chronic diseases of your choosing. Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 100 points

Bonus Question:

3- Explain what makes a disease “screen-able” or not “screen-able.” Please provide at least two evidence-based and peer-reviewed references for your information. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. 20 points

produce a presentation, including speaker’s notes and fully referenced, on the background, development and future of globalisation

Your group is to produce a presentation, including speaker’s notes and fully referenced, (10marks) on the background, development and future of globalisation.

Your presentation should be 10-15 minutes long with no more than 12 slides which cover the following points:

A definition of globalisation
A brief history of world trade development
The role of the World Bank and IMF
Cultural differences which might exist
Examples of multi-national organisations
Winners and losers in globalisation (this may include countries, corporations or groups such as farmers – please include at least one example of a winner and a loser).
Ethical issues which may arise
The drivers of globalisation
Growth and FDI
The role of Financial markets in economic growth

Responses to questions will be assessed at 50 marks and all members of the groups are expected to contribute).

Full information included in word doc.

Only 5 out of the 10 points above need to be completed in 5 slides.

Socrates on trail:The fall out between Socrates and Athenians

For the paper, it is expected that the student will do adequate research. The definition of “adequate” will vary from topic to topic, of course. However, it is expected that, at a minimum, the student will consult our text, at least two books (remember those?), and at least two online sources (preferably from the UMUC online library’s databases). If you have trouble with any of these, contact me for help. And in order to ensure (before your paper is actually being graded!) that you are using appropriate sources, your bibliography may be submitted to me by the date given in the course schedule below. This bibliography may be a work in progress; you can add to it or otherwise change it before submitting your paper. This preliminary bibliography will not receive a separate grade; however, it would be wise to submit your bibliography so that you can write a good paper. You cannot write a good paper if you do not have good sources!

The paper will be five pages long in 8-1/2” x 11” format, 1-inch margins, 12 pt. type, be double spaced and properly referenced. If you do not know how to do notes (foot, end or in-text) and a bibliography, go online to the UMUC library (task bar on the top right in our classroom under Resources) and find the appropriate section (Citation Resources) there. Proper referencing is extremely important! And notes are not just for quotes. Proper grammar and spelling are also important. Clear expression of your ideas will be essential to earning a good grade.

Rubric: The grade for the paper will be determined by completeness of research (10%), correct use of notes and bibliography (10%), correct grammar and spelling (10%) and mastery of topic (70%).

Explain the dynamics of global commodity chains within the contemporary international political economy.

MUST- Only use academic sources and the ones provided must be used.
– uploaded will be the powerpoint – only for guidelines not to use as a source.
-essay to be split into two sections in order to concise and narrow topic down – first Part – explaining major debates on GC chains, main actors, new marganalization, concentrated firms , when it became important and revelant, the role of labour and why it is important,

2nd Half-
choose a specific commodity chain and assessing it and analysing it from top to bottom.

Sources to use : (please add some other but academic only)
Jennifer Blair Frontiers of Commodity Chain Research
William I Robinson A Theory of Global Capitalism : Production Class and State in a Transnational world- Chapter 1 & 3

Ben Selwyn – Beyond Firm- Centrism; re-integrating labour and capitalism into global commodity chain analysis

Mike Davis – Planet of the Slums

Spatial Division of Labour A-Smith


Working in Partnership with other Professionals in Health and Social Care Practice
Based on practice knowledge, an essay using a comparative approach to discuss multi-disciplinary / partnership working in at least two different service areas such as:
An Acute Hospital
A Community Team
A Mental Health Service
An Older Person’s Service
A Children’s Service
The 2 Service Areas selected should be AGREED with the course coordinator at the beginning of the second term.
The essay will require the student to relate Health and Social Care theory to practice, using their work-based learning/experience and to critically discuss the implications for the delivery of services, of working in partnership with other professionals.
Discussion should cover inter-disciplinary working and multi-agency collaboration, and the context of changing government policy.
A 2,000 word essay, covering the following areas:
1. Shows understanding of the concept of multi-disciplinary / partnership work
2. Discusses how “partnership working” amongst professionals takes place in one setting / service area and how it has been shaped by policy etc.
3. Discusses how “partnership working” amongst professionals and others takes place in at least one more setting / service and how it has been shaped by policy etc
4. Uses health and social care theory to compare different models of partnership working