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All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


Part I – Read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr This is work of historical fiction. “historical” – based on an event that took place or based on an era in history. “fiction” – the plot and characters in the work are the creations of the author. “historical fiction” – the plot and characters are creations of the author but the event(s) surrounding them and the setting(s) are real and did occur.
PartII- Research: What is/are the setting(s)? Where are they located on a map? When did the two major historical events in the work actually take place? Give the specific dates. What aspects of the plot are based on real/ historically accurate situations? What details are creations of the author? How has the author shaped his characters and plot details to fit the historical events?
Part III – Write: Based on the novel and your research, choose one scene in the work and discuss in a two-page essay (MLA format) how your chosen extract reflects the historical events during which the novel is set. You must relate your chosen scene to the work as a whole.

Use this as a guide after writing the essay to ensure you’ve accomplished all the needed components.
Intro Paragraph: -Contains strong attention-getter -States author and title of piece of literature -States thesis statement containing the theme you will prove -States main points that will prove thesis
20 points
Body Paragraphs:
-Contains transitions
-Contains a main point
-Use strong contextual evidence to prove main point but does NOT summarize story
-Use quotes from the text to prove main point -Cite quotes correctly
-Body paragraphs use main points to successfully prove thesis statement while tying back to the thesis.
40 points
Conclusion Paragraph: -Contains transition -Restates thesis statement -Restates main points -Provides logical conclusion statement
10 points
Structure (MLA): -Written in Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12 point font -1 to 2 pages
10 points
Writing: -Does not use slang or casual language -Does not use “I think” statements -Does not use personal pronouns such as you, me, I, we, etc
10 points
Grammar: -Does not use fragments and run-ons -Uses strong word choice -Correctly punctuates
10 points
Total 100 points


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