Allstate, Comcast, and Lions Gate


Your job is to reply to three students papers. Their papers are uploaded as 1-Allstate, 2-Comcast, and 3-Lions Gate (three separate papers) regarding the company each student selected. Each reply must expound on the student’s paper, providing a substantive response that enhances the discussion. Each reply must contain at least 2 citations from a peer-reviewed journal within the last four years, 1 from the textbook (ISBN 1-934748-09-9), and one from the Holy Bible and/or Bible commentary. When I talk about substantive replies, I am looking for you to add to the posting. Do not simply agree or disagree. Ensure your major points are supported by the following: • reading & study materials; • pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples; • thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts. Start with strengths of each student’s paper first.

Your citations must be in current APA format (including headings). You must use proper spelling and grammar. Citing and referencing the NetAdvantage website is acceptable for this order; however, all citations within this website will count as 1 reference. The word count for the replies are as follows:

225 for replies to1-Allstate and 2-Comcast; and

100 for the reply to 3-Lions Gate.

There are three replies needed (one per student paper) so the total word count is 525 (not including references). See attachment for student papers (1-Allstate, 2-Comcast, and 3-Lions Gate). Also, if possible, use at least one scripture from the Holy for each student’s paper as a reference.

Important: Label your paper with the student’s company of choice that you are responding to. For example, if you are responding to 1-Allstate then write “this response is for Allstate”. In addition, each response to each student paper must have its own references. Do not combine all the references for all students at the end of the paper. Place the appropriate references under the applicable student’s response.


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