American Crossarm & Conduit Co. Superfund site in Chehalis, Washinton.


Write 3 pages on the American Crossarm & Conduit Co. Superfund site in Chehalis, Washinton.

Answer these questions in paragraph form:

1. Summarize the history of the site.

a. Where is the site located? b. Who are the parties identified as responsible for polluting this site? c. What was the site used for in the past? d. What activity caused the site to be polluted? e. What prompted the classifying of the site as a Superfund site? When did this occur? f. What pollutant(s) are found on the site? What impact do they have on human health or the


g. What is near the site? Homes, businesses, industry, schools, etc.? How are/were these affected?

h. What water bodies are nearby? Are they contaminated? What watershed are they in and where would the contaminants flow if they made it into the water body

2. What is/was the cleanup process?

a. What cleanup was ordered for the site? Are the contaminants completely removed, or have they just been isolated to prevent further exposure to anyone on the site?

b. Is it complete or ongoing? How long did/will it take? c. Who funded the cleanup operation?

3. What is the impact on the community? a. How is the site used currently?

b. Was the cleanup deemed satisfactory? To all parties, including neighbors and watchdog groups? c. Is there any monitoring to ensure that future exposure is prevented?

4. Are there other Superfund or comparable sites in the area?

a. Are they related in any way?

b. Are there more or less sites in your area compared to others in the same state? In your state compared to other states? Why might they be unequally distributed?

5. What is your opinion on this site? a. Was cleanup appropriate?

b. Were the appropriate parties held responsible? c. Should any preventative actions been in place at an earlier time? d. Would you live on or near this site? If not, why might anyone choose to live there?


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