american literature

  1. Focus on a few scenes(2-3)in The Third Man and explain how the director,Carol Reed, uses expressionism to evoke the themes of the movie. Do not just describe scenes—make a coherent argument.
  2. Is Anna a femme fatal( a woman of film noir who is as dangerous as she is seductive)?Or is she the true heroine of the film?
  3. Is Holly that different from Harry? What might their differences or similarities tell us about the world they inhabit?
  4. How does the director use light and shadow in the The Third Man to evoke human emotion?
  5. Does pip have any agency in Great Expectations? Is he a predominantly passive character?
  6. If the character of Jagger represents the judicial system in Dickens novel, what exactly is Dickens trying to say about the law through this character? (Great Expecatations)
  7. How does Dickens define a man in his novel (Great Expecatations)
  8. Do the “evil” female characters of this novel challenge a society based on male dominance?






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