Analysis of the client’s image: How is the charity viewed in the community/nation? How does the charity view its role in the community? What do financial statements reveal about the charity? Why?


Assignment Details

Reports compile and analyze data in an organized, concise, and accessible manner, so the general purpose of the analysis report is to gather and interpret information. The specific purpose of each analysis report, however, will vary depending on the focus of the individual writer’s chosen topic. A list of topics can be found below.

Reports frequently target multiple audiences, which require careful consideration when dealing with tone and style. As a rule, it is better to set the formality of a report to the highest audience member; for example, while you might be more informal with colleagues, you would want to be more formal with superiors and clients. The reports should also consider readability and report conventions, which are discussed in Chapters 79 and 80 in your textbook.

Each group member should complete a different topic; however, group members should discuss the topics ahead of time to ensure that the group is compiling data that will be useful for the interview and proposal. The report should focus on a specific topic described in the next sections with as little overlap as possible. Each possible topic includes a list of questions that should provide some idea of what type of information should be gathered for that report.

Possible Topics

• Analysis of the client’s image: How is the charity viewed in the community/nation? How does the charity view its role in the community? What do financial statements reveal about the charity? Why?

Topics that will be rejected are topics that focus solely on summary; for example, a history of the organization or an overview of what the organization does. The analysis report must investigate the topic. While that investigation may contain summary of data, the main focus is on analyzing what the data means.


• Contains at least 1500 words, but no more than 1800 words in single-spaced, full, block paragraph style (excluding footnotes and bibliography page)

• Contains at least 5 sources from a variety of sources (web sites, journals, books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) that are reliable and professional

• Follows the guidelines of an informal report for design and content discussed in class and in the textbook

• Contains 1 illustration with proper labels, data labels, and source line that uses the CRAP Principles. The illustration must be original, which means that it cannot be copied and pasted into the report or recreated in Word from an illustrations that already exists in the source (though source material can be used to create the illustration)

• Contains properly formatted level one headings

• Avoids containing only summary by analyzing the information presented

• Is organized, uses transitional phrases, and maintains business style

• Contains in-text CMS footnotes and a bibliography Avoids grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation (GSP) errors

• Maintains 1 inch margin on all sides of the document and serif typeface for the text and sans serif for the level one headings

• Includes centered page numbers in the bottom footer

• Each group member writes about a different topic

• Is a clean copy of the report (This means that the report does not contain track changes or comments)

“TurnAround Coffee House”

“I will be a analyzing the client’s image and how they portray themselves. I will focus on the people of the community and how they view the organization. I want to know how the charity will help people as well. I will also find out the financial statements of the organization and analyze what this is saying about the organization.”

this is my organization


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