Antoine Simon Le Page Du Pratz Describes French Conflict with the Natchez(1729)


Each paragraph (4) will be worth 5 points making each reading worth 20 points and the total points for all 5 readings will be 100 points. The format to use and follow is as follows: 12 Point Font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced The upper left hand side of the document should contain the following information: Name Class Instructor Date Title of the Reading centered and Italicized. Each of the responses to the 5 the student will select and complete will be the same throughout. There will be 4 paragraphs done for each of the selected 5 readings. The First Paragraph will consist or contain the actual student’s reading and summation of the selected document or reader. The student should focus on what the document or the selected reading emphasizes or concentrates on that deals with the actual important summation in its scope. The Second Paragraph will have the student focus and concentrate on the main point of the selected reading. This is not a repeat of the first paragraph and will be graded entirely upon the student’s ability to really focus on the main point or level of understanding of deriving and analyzing the readings main point. The Third Paragraph will next require the students to really concentrate on the overall impact from the main point of the selected readings place and significance in history during the period in which the readings are addressing. Again, the student should not repeat themselves and assume that it is like the first and second paragraph and recycle their answer. This demands that the student to concentrate and write up the overall impact the main point has or plays on the topic from the selected readings. The Fourth Paragraph should only deal with the overall importance from the main point from the selected readings that the student has chosen. I will expect and require that the students to stay away from repeating themselves from the previous 3 paragraphs, but instead focus on the importance the main topic or point is stressing as it relates to history that the reading is covering or addressing.


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