Assess and apply employee relations within an organization (any organizations in UAE) in terms of employee rights and responsibilities, HR policies, and management relations.

1) In recent years, many countries have moved from planned economies to market economies. Why do you think this has occurred?
2) Explain how current economic indicators such inflation and unemployment affect the country like UAE.
3) In what ways do you think your personal code of ethics might clash with the operations of some companies? How might you try to resolve these differences?
4) Explain the reasons why new business start-ups are increasing and identify the main reason for success and failure among small business.
5) In your own opinion, what would you prefer, to buy an existing business or start from scratch and make new one? Explain your answer.
1) Choose two- three (2-3) companies and interview the Managers or owners regarding the following:
a) Company Profile
b) Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility
c) Factors that Affect their Financial Decision Making
d) Strategies and Measures for successful and effective Management
2) Make a Conclusion or Recommendation based on your findings.

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