Assume you are the consultant guiding Hi-Sport Manufacturing Co. improve the manufacturing quality of the ski pants. What would you like to know?


Hi-sport started up production of an improved pair of ski pants. Production had been stopped over the weekend and a few adjustments made to its design and sowing.

You are responsible for development of a new c-control chart for the number of defects for the ski pants as described on p.353 in the course textbook.

The pages 352 to 355 is in the course textbook: Goetsch, D.L Davis, S.B 2014, Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality, Seventh New International Edition, Pearson.

The case tasks are numbered SPC exercise: 1, 2 and 3 on page 353 in the course textbook  listed above.

Assume you are the consultant guiding Hi-Sport Manufacturing Co. improve the manufacturing quality of the ski pants.

  • What would you like to know?
  • How are you going to acquire that knowledge?

You are required to create graphs in assessment . I recommend the use of Microsoft Excel in this context, but you can also create them by hand on paper and then scan them and paste them into Microsoft Word. Microsoft Excel tables and graphs can be entered into a Microsoft Word document

It is very important that you display critical thinking to interpret the data and the graphs to suggest a way forward.

Calculating the data and drawing the graphs may get you a pass, but to get a top mark you need to display critical thinking and think practically. The word count does not have to be distributed evenly between the questions. Hopefully, question 1 gets you going in the right direction. Question 3 is where the biggest opportunity to display your understanding and practical application of quality management principles, concepts and tools. A consultant has to suggest how to improve the quality of the items made.


As a consultant, you were not there when the sowing was done, but that doesn’t mean that you cant talk to whoever did the sowing. Many of you have been sowing at some stage so what happened when you had to learn sowing new stuff? For example, I am sure the one teaching you sowing thought the instructions were straight forward. Now you have the opportunity to think in terms of quality management principles, concepts, tools and techniques too explain how identify what to improve and perhaps how to improve.


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