Branding – Brand Implementation Report and Plan


Your task is now to choose one brand from your Project A study and explore in greater detail the opportunities this brand has for development. First you must revisit and review your current research and identify and analyse the brand’s weaker points and challenges.

Imagine that you are the design or brand manager for this brand and you are reporting to your colleagues about what the brand could achieve. Consider the strategy for change management of this brand.

 Why does it need to change?

 How is it going to change?

Select real-life suitable design, advertising, web or branding agencies that you propose to assist you in progressing these opportunities. Include these agency selections within your report and include the specific reasons for their selection.

Whilst re-examining your chosen brand, investigate its online presence, think about all the brand touch points, associations, senses and emotional qualities and work out new and innovative design strategies that would be appropriate in enhancing the effectiveness of this brand.

You will self-direct your own project. Your tutor will support you with tutorials and provide you with feedback. The key deliverable for this assignment is a thoroughly researched written Report and Plan showcasing your approach and solutions to the challenge as well as your key learning throughout. You will have the opportunity to get formative feedback from your tutors on your draft Project B during the Week 10 and 11 Seminars.

Consider today’s current trends and market challenges. Leverage key frameworks and be critical in your analysis of what the brand could do in the future. Then propose appropriate changes, going through the various stages of implementing your idea into a real world project, whilst applying all the skills gathered throughout the module.

You should support your Report and Plan with an A3 visual Concept Board/Poster that summarises the main Branding concepts. This Concept Board/Poster represents a final inspiration board for a design or launch of the new branding service/product. This can be done on foam board and allow you to stick and pin imagery and materials as needed. You will present this Concept Board/Poster during your Week 12 Seminar.


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