Case Study

Write at least a half page of your overall comments about the case.

Case Study Questions

1. Why did Japan Airlines Development Company decide to develop a hotel company in the mid-1980s?
2. Why did Nikko Hotels International choose the Essex House in New York City as its first property in the United States?
3. Can you describe the cultural diversity of the management team at the Essex House?
4. What was the purpose of the executive retreat?
5. When did Miura join the managers at the executive retreat?
6. How did he annoy the non-Japanese managers during their presentations?
7. Why was Miura shocked to hear complaints from his managers? What did he do after he regained control of himself?
8. What happened the next day?
9. What is the mission statement for Nikko Hotels?
10. Can you explain what cultural blunder Miura committed during the executive retreat and how he ridged the cultural gap and brought the team together?

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