“Changing up the electoral college?”

Unit IV Article Critique
Access the CSU Online Library. Within the database “Academic OneFile,” locate and read the following articles:
Underhill, Wendy. “Changing up the electoral college?” State Legislatures 38.1 (2012)
Gregg, Gary L. “Unpopular vote: enemies of the Electoral College aim to scrap the Founders’ design.” The American
Conservative 10.12 (2011)
Upon reading the two articles, write a response essay of at least 500 words. Your essay should address the Electoral
College as it currently functions, as well as the proposed changes discussed in the two articles. Are you in support of the
current Electoral College? Do you agree or disagree with the proposed changes? Is it right for states to circumvent the
Constitution on this matter? Your essay should be well thought out and include direct references to the articles. Limited
direct quotes are permitted. All references (paraphrased or quoted) should be correctly cited using APA format.

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