Children in Australian families



Topic : Socio Economic Status and Health : Children in Australian Families


• Writing a report on links between SES, health and the chosen topic in the Australian context.

• Topic choices : Children in Australian families

• outline the topic and its importance

• exploration of the factors impacting the SES of chosen topic drawing on a theoretical model (i.e. Dahlgren and Whitehead, Turrell or Christensen) and critically analysing the health implications of SES for the selected topic.

• draw on a range of relevant information and be able to critically synthesize the information.


1500 word report on the topic .

The discussion must be specific to the Australian context as per the marking guide.

Report Details :

– Introduction

– A discussion of why the topic is important: This part extends on the introduction to define the group/family type, their SES and why this particular topic is important (i.e. why is the SES and health of children in Australian families important? )

– An exploration of the factors impacting the topic SES drawing on a model of theoretical framework that we have covered in the unit (i.e. Dahlgren and Whitehead ). You only need to draw on the model so that you are able to discuss it in enough detail. You may not be able to go into great detail about each section of the model but you need to provide a thorough analysis of your topic in respect to the model and the impacts on the SES.

– A critical analysis of the health implications of SES for this topic: This is where the current knowledge is summarised, including data and research (i.e. journals, ABS data, AIHW data/research etc.). Remember that you are discussing these topics/family types within the Australian context so your information/resources should reflect this.

– Conclusion

– Reference list


• you need to include 15 or more credible, relevant and current sources. It is really important that you are drawing from a range of sources including journals, books, reports and government websites

• To ensure that your references/sources are current they need to be published between 2007 and 2015. For this assignment you need to use Harvard style referencing.

Presentation requirements

All assignments should be 12 point font and 1.5 spaced with the default page margins. Assignments also need to include the word count and page numbers. You will be marked on these in the writing and referencing criteria.

Marking rubric uploaded separately


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