Choose three cites in California for example Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Discuss their tourist attractions.

please, choose three cites in California for example Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.
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For example…..

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Because of the many fantastic places for people to visit, the United States is the second most visited tourist country in the world. The southeastern United States in particular is a great place to visit for tourists because so few people from abroad visitthere. While states like Florida and Virginia get a lot of tourists, others—like Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee—are relatively free of large groups of people. States like Tennessee offer many great places to visit and see with only small groups obstructing the lines, views, and attractions. While Tennessee has a great many wonderful natural landmarks to visit, it is the cities which do the best job of showing what a great place it is. The three best cities for tourists to visit in Tennessee are Memphis, Gatlinburg, and Nashville. The city of Memphis has many great places to visit, including several very interesting museums and many great places to find delicious food. Firstly, Graceland is a fantastic place to visit. The once home of Rock and Roll legendElvis Presley, it is now a massive museum dedicated to his music and legacy. For those looking for a new experience in food, many of the Memphis parks situated along the Mississippi River host some of the many barbeque festivals that are held annually in the city. These festivals are a great place to visit and try different kinds of meat cooked in new and interesting ways. Also, Beale Street is a great place to visit for good food and great music. It is the heart of the Memphis nightlife, and people who visit there can hear Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Folk music while eating traditional southern foods.While Memphis is a great city, there are more family oriented options in the city of Chattanooga.Chattanooga is a great city to visit for anyone interested in trains, good food, or excellent family fun. Because of its long history with trains as the final stop on most north-to-south train routes, Chattanooga has a number of different train-oriented locations, from restaurants and museums. If train-oriented restaurants prove to be too noisy or crowded with tourists, there are other options, like themain pub crawl in Chattanooga which visits nine different pubs along a single drive, most of which have their own foods and breweries. For great family oriented fun, theTennessee River is a great place to visit. It has safe swimming locations, small shores, fishing, and grills for outdoor barbequing. However, if an indoor location is preferred, the Chattanooga Aquarium makes an excellent alternative. The aquarium is a multi-story, freshwater aquarium housing plants and animals from all over the southeast. If a tourist wanted a more grown-up experience, however, there is no better city than Nashville. Nashville is a great location for tourists interested in cultural experiences, shopping, and music. For tourists interested in a cultural experience, Centennial Park hosts the Parthenon, a one-to-one scale-size replica of the temple in Ancient Greece, made from the same materials for Tennessee\’s 100-year anniversary. Additionally, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts is a museum for paintings and sculptures, featuring both the Old Masters and local Tennessee artists. Also, the
Tennessee State Museum is a historical location which has artifacts and history from Tennessee\’s 200 year past. For people who prefer shopping to history, Opry Mills is a massive shopping mall. Featuring over 100 different stores, it is a great place to find anything that anyone might be interested in buying. However, for those who want the real Nashvilleexperience, there is no better location than the Country Music Hall of Fame, which has exhibits and music from the entire history of Country Music. Also, the Grand Ole\’ Opry is a great place to visit for those who are interested in seeing country singers performing live. For those who do not care for country music, though, there is the Nashville Symphony, which is a classical orchestra which performs most weekends during the year.The United States is second only to France in visitors from all over the world. Because of its great food and entertainment, the city of Memphis is a fantastic place for visitors from all over the world. For those interested in a family experience, no Tennessee city is better than Chattanooga. Additionally, Chattanooga offers somefantastic food and museum options. However, there is no better city in Tennessee for tourists than Nashville. Its fantastic cultural attractions, shopping, and music make it a great place to visit. These three cities are just a handful of the amazing places to visit in the United States, and particularly, in Tennessee.