clinical reasoning in physiotherapy perceptions


A qualitative study of clinical reasoning in physiotherapy:perceptions of postgraduate student physiotherapists doing Msc in UK

The proposal should follow the below structures ,reference numbers will be as appropriate as for a merit writing and double spaced require in paragraph .A research proposal generally addresses the following:

Title Page – this must include the title of your research proposal, your student number and date


Table of Contents (with relevant page numbers)

Section 1

Introduction – This section includes
Introduction to the section (overview and background


Statement of the problem proposed to be investigated

General statement of the aim(s) of the proposed


Relevance, significance or need for the study

Section 2
Literature Review – This section includes

Introduction to the section

Process of literature identification

Critical analysis of the literature relative to the

proposed study

Combination, comparison and contrasting of the


Conclusion: summary of the literature findings linked to

the study aims and a research question(s) or hypothesis(s) ? Research question(s) or hypothesis(es) to be investigated in the proposed study

Section 3
Methodology – This section includes

Selection and justification of research approach or design


Specific methods of data collection to be used in the research and their justification
Sampling strategy
Description of how subjects/participants will be recruited

Indication and justification of required number of subjects/participants
Indication and justification of inclusion/exclusion criteria

Materials or equipment needed and accessibility (if appropriate)
Comprehensive description of procedures
Description of pilot test of data collection method that will be carried out prior to initiation of the full study Description of outcome measure(s) or standardized tool or questionnaire including levels of measurement Justification of chosen method(s) of data analysis Consideration of possible sources of bias (in quantitative or survey approaches) or role of researcher (in qualitative approaches)

Indication of safety issues, if relevant to the proposed study
Indication of any risks to subjects / researcher- no risk is not acceptable, all studies have some risk, even if minor

Indication of ethical issues relevant to the proposal including explanation of how informed consent is achieved, issues of confidentiality, anonymity and data security

4 Conclusion – This section includes:

Discussion of possible limitations of the study as proposed. ? Overall conclusion for the proposal

Reference List –
Reference list for entire proposal in Harvard reference

Appendices – The following should be included:

Participant information sheet and consent form for the proposed study

Proposed data collection sheets

A copy of the questionnaire (if relevant)

Any other relevant documentation for your proposal

Time frame


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