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Commentaries must not exceed 300 words, You need to include a short summary that covers both texts, if applicable (appr. 20 words), include two key problems and two arguments raised in the texts (appr. 20 words). Give the author(s) an active voice. The main body is an analysis, including an evaluation of the meaning of the authors’ conclusions for our seminar (appr. 200 words). Only include in-text references, no bibliographies There needs to be 2 different papers one on each article that I will upload. Example of previous work: Briggs (2001) states the history and development of media from an oral and written communication perspective in their work, beginning in the Ancient Greek Era. The work of Dumas (2012) discusses the evolution and technical components of the internet, with surrounding cause and effects towards individuals and businesses. An important argument found in both texts is that a deeper understanding in the history and roots of communication will enhance the study of communication theory and the media. A second argument raised, warns that media must be viewed as a system of perpetual change including varying factors rather than single continuity. Briggs describes the roots of oral and written communication to show both the relationship between ancient communication and media today: “It is necessary for people working in media and cultural studies to take history seriously […] including both communication theory and communications technology” (2001) The work goes further to show how culture, religion, and technology individually shape and change communication throughout history, showing media as a system which different elements play greater or smaller roles (Briggs 2001). Dumas contrastingly focuses on the internet specifically but depicts it as a simple enhancement of older communication methods, arguing that the internet is a means of transporting media in a faster and more efficient means (2012). Upon reading these works it is clear that gaining an understanding of the history of communication and media is effective in furthering communication theory, as history reveals how media has been shaped and changed by various elements and provides insight into how these factors may affect the future of communication. By focusing purely on the internet, Dumas allows readers to understand the internet and its short but impactful history in hopes of furthering the potential of the internet in this system of perpetual change that is communication theory (2012). 300/300 words


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