Common Core & AASL Standards


I nee Common Core and AASL Standards for the following 3 categories.

1. Bibliographies and Indexes

Julia, B. (1994). The Grolier library of North American biographies. Danbury,

Connecticut: Grolier Educational.

This set provides a pretty extensive record containing biographies or famous men and women. Each volume is devoted to a different category of person. For example, in volume two the researcher will find just about any athlete they would need to find information on. Each biography contains the basic information students would need for a research project or for personal interest. These books are easy to use, making them especially good for elementary aged children. The information they provide carries no form of bias. Even though elementary children can use these books, they do not present the information in a way that weakens the integrity of the material.

2. Ready Reference

Destiny. Westchester, Follett Software Company.

Destiny is a great source for all users. It is very easy to use and allows an easy way to search for the books and materials needed. Our school librarian talks highly of Destiny and how easy it is to operate. I don’t use this often, but every time I have I have great luck locating the books I’m in need of.

Biographical Sources

3. Biographical Sources

This website contained numerous biographies on explorers, scientist, world leaders, writers, and artist. It did require you to sign up for a free account. You had to have a password to enter. Once you registered at a teacher, you could set up a class and they would have access to the resources online. It did require me to download an additional app that allowed you to view the biographies. Once the app was downloaded, the biographies were very kid friendly. Students could click on some words that would give them information about the word such as how to pronounce and definition. It took a lot more steps to access this information.

This website gave a categorized list of famous people the student could click on the name and it took you to the biography. A picture and basic information was given first. There were links that took you to additional information if needed. This website required not registration and was very simple to use. There were many famous people listed. The biographies were easy to read and would be suited for any students.

Of these, the was the one that I liked the best. It was kid friendly, and did not require you to register. The site had easy list that students could click on and was age appropriate for 1st through 8th grades. I felt that the ease of the sight made it my top choice. I still believe that a library should also have numerous print copies of biographies available.


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