Companies Who Face Challenges by Environmental Forces


Article review #1 – Companies Who Face Challenges by Environmental Forces


Find an appropriate article on the Internet which relates to this week’s topic – Environmental Forces in Marketing. Find an article which discusses one or more companies, groups or organizations which face a challenge by one or more of the environmental forces.


The article can be from any professional online business/marketing source. Do not use Wikipedia or other source which is edited by the public – these sources are not appropriate for serious graduate-level work. The article does not have to be from an academic Journal, but it does have to come from a business publication such as Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Money magazine, Advertising Age or any other respected publication. The Webster Library can help you if you need sources – go to that link on the course homepage.


Read the article and then write a one-page summary of the article, written in Microsoft Word using 12-point font, single spacing. Follow this format:


1.     Name of the Article


2.     Name of the source and include the Website’s address (URL) so the Instructor can look at the article


3.     Author and Date of the article (must be less than one year old)


4.     Approximately 50% of the paper content should be article summary


5.     Approximately 50% of the paper content should be how it applies to this class


For Item 4 & 5 divide the paper into 2 sections.  Entitle the first section Article Summary and summarize the article.  For the second section, item 5, Title that section How this Article Relates to our Course.  Tell what content in the article relates to the week’s topic.  What concepts are being used and why? Relate it back to the book.   It is not necessary to include the text of the article


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