competitive essay

The programme outline is:
The MSc in Information Systems & Business Analysis (ISBA) is designed to give you an expert understanding of how information systems support the business and its operations.
The course will equip you with the technical, organisational and people skills needed to develop business systems and manage information systems projects in practice.

Through its three specialist career pathways (Information Systems Management, Enterprise Systems or Business Analysis), the programme gives you in-depth knowledge and experience to prepare you for a range of careers in IS consultancy, business analysis and management.
Requirements: significant demonstrable commitment to the discipline of your chosen course, and high achievement in previous academic study.

Submission: a competitive essay of up to 500 words

Aston Business School enjoys an international environment where cultural diversity is highly valued. Intercultural competence is a key transferable skill and is given high priority by Aston University as a whole; it is considered essential both during your academic programme and for your future career.

Explain why you think intercultural awareness and competence is important, and how you will make a positive contribution to creating a dynamic and inclusive student community in the context described above. Draw on theory and/or personal experience as appropriate.