Conceptualization in cases of sexual abuse


Conceptualization in cases of sexual abuse


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What are the unique elements that need to be taken into consideration for the case conceotualization and treatment planning in situations involving sexual abuse.

Use the contents below to complete

1)      Review chapter, “ The owner of broken heart: the cumulative trauma of surgery and sexual abuse.(pg 92-112)

2)      Read Hill, 2006, “play therapy with sexually abused children: including parents in therapeutic play” from family social work, vol. 11 issue 4(pg 316-324)

3)      Read Hill, 2009, “factors influencing the degree and the pattern of parent involvement in play therapy for sexually abused children,” from journal of child sexual abuse: research, treatment and program innovation for victims, survivors and offenders vol. 18 issue 4(pg 455-474)

Multimedia source

–          Click launch presentation to access the play therapy resource portal. Additional resources on children dealing with sexual abuse are included in the section entitled: physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect.

–          Click launch to access child case study background.


Assignment 5

How the black swan

For this assignment, you are required to maintain an individual blog. The central aim and requirement for this assessment: to critically and creatively engage with the course content and other students enrolled in the course through a personal blog. We encourage you select examples from screen, media and popular culture to analyze (TV, film, news, adverts, online texts, social networking) as well as from every life, every day practices, products, culture, lifestyles and identities. A key part of this task is to comment and engage meaningfully with the blogs of other students in the course through posting comments and questions. The content of the blog is up to you. You are welcome to treat this as your personal online space and to be as individual and creative as you like in its use. Express yourself, talk about things that matter to you and socialize with other bloggers. But the ultimate academic objective and ground for assessment is the active engagement with conceptual and critical content of the subject. This is done by explicit discussion of content from the reader and lectures, discuss issues that reflect subject material in various ways by reflection of one’s learning experience in subject or university or topic from diverse media cultures,


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