Criminal Justice System proposal

A summary of the jurisdiction (i.e., city, county, or state) and the portion of the criminal justice System your proposal is designed to address.
An analysis of the current trends from three comparable cities in population size, utilizing the SARA Model and the Crime Analysis Triangle. (Note: the Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers article, Steps 7 and 8). You will compare the data from three comparable jurisdictions and compare it to national data.
A determination of the appropriate crime prevention strategy for the jurisdiction based on this analysis.
A review of academic literature and studies on the various crime prevention programs to address the needs of the community. How does the crime prevention program address social justice issues of the community?

A critical analysis of the various programs showing their effectiveness in comparable jurisdictions.
Your recommendations based on your analysis and conclusions. Your recommendations must include a funding strategy for program implementation.
Your anticipated outcomes, both short and long term. How does the crime prevention program affect social justice within the community?