csc leadership

Leadership use CSC computer science corporation

In this section of the Session Long Project, please write a 2 page paper about one of your current or former leaders.

Please do not write about yourself, even if you are a CEO or leader.

Please analyze, using background materials, leadership styles and her/his way of fulfilling functions of management. Key concepts to be addressed are:

Did he/she empower their employees?
Was he/she authoritarian?
Was the leader transformational or transactional, or both?
How does the leader fulfill her/his functions?
What is the vision the leader created for the company or organization you selected?
How did he/she motivate the workforce?
How did he/she communicate the vision?
Was the leader a change agent?
Please use the Paper Format, for all SLPS.

There is an Introduction (providing a roadmap to the paper), A Main Body with subsections (one subsection per question), Conclusions (summary) and a List of References.

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