Current Political Climate of/in Oman. (Oman, one of the Middle East countries).


he research will be on:
Current Political Climate of/in Oman. (Oman, one of the Middle East countries). If you find it some kind of a tough topic, you could choose yourself a topic, but it must be very very clear, like it must be focused on one topic, a political issue back in Oman.


Graded on: organizational structure (thesis + path statement), quality of independent research (quote relevant sources), explain quotes, assess and critique material, clarity, appropriate citations and bibliography, professional standard academic writing

* a paper leads the reader to a conclusion (thesis) by providing arguments to support it
* Introduction:
– Avoid pointless, over-generalized opening statements, e.g. “Since the beginning of time, man has wondered…”. First, use gender-inclusive language. Second, how do you know what people have wondered since the beginning of time? Such claims are unsubstantiated generalizations based on weak assumptions, e.g. that questions posed in this course have been asked in all cultures and epochs.
– make a clear thesis statement. A thesis statement is not a question. It is a statement that answers a question. A good paper can begin with a thesis statement. State your thesis in one sentence that begins with a phrase like “I will argue that…” or “I will show that…”. If you prefer to write in the third person, you may do so: “It will be shown that…”. Writing in the first person is perfectly acceptable in philosophy, avoids space-consuming and awkward passive constructions, and helps you distinguish your insights from your sources’ views.
-provide a path statement: state the particular topics or issues that you will address in the order you will follow in the paper.
– do not give arguments/evidence for your thesis in the introduction.
– you should specify the parameters you are using to limit your approach.
– define any technical or context-specific terms that are central to your analysis.
– you might say why the question that your thesis answers needs addressing.
* Body of the paper:
– the body of the paper should be divided into paragraphs.
– each paragraph should mirror the paper structure, i.e. state one argument in support of your thesis in a paragraph statement, followed by evidence.
– evidence can be in the form of
* logical argument, i.e. a series of statements (premises) leading to the conclusion (paragraph statement)
* technical and/or statistical data. You must cite the source and explain what the data shows concerning your argument, i.e. how the data is to be interpreted.
* support from relevant and established authorities. Do not just give a quotation, but explain how what the source says bears directly on your paragraph statement. That is, interpret your sources and explain their relevance to your argument. An indication that you have not done these two things is that the quotation appears at the end of the paragraph.
* negative argument, i.e. present an author’s conclusion that disagrees with your paragraph statement, give reasons why the author may be wrong and why your approach is better.
* some combination of the above.
* you may have another methodology for presenting evidence. Other methods are not disallowed, but make sure they function properly and are relevant to your argument.
– avoid claims about what “most people” think, believe and do. These are usually non-helpful, unsubstantiated generalizations that universalize what you think in unpersuasive ways.
* Conclusion:
– the conclusion should mirror the introduction, i.e. re-state your thesis and path statement in light of the arguments you have given.
– the conclusion should not introduce more topics or further evidence, though it is acceptable to say how your conclusion (thesis), now that it has been successfully argued, might function usefully in further contexts. This approach should re-state from your introduction how your thesis provides a basis for answering a different, important question, rather than introducing a new topic.

Please read the instruction so carefully so i don’t give it back for a revise


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