Define “operational efficiency”, “operational effectiveness”, “operations strategy” a4nd “operational sustainability.”

  • Each student first succinctly defines in his or her own words the phrases “operational efficiency”, “operational effectiveness”, “operations strategy” and “operational sustainability.”
    • In addition, each student defines the concept of “quality” as used in his or her work organization or family and presents examples.
    • Further, each student defines Six Sigma, and comments on its applicability and advises its value, if any, in his or her or another organization.

Be prepared to do online research to learn more about Six Sigma as an important OM technique in the reduction of production errors albeit at a high price to the enterprise using it.



You may or may not be able to agree with the following distinction between “operational efficiency” and “operational effectiveness”:

In terms of the executing the day-to-day processes of an organization – ie, its operations, 

  • Efficiency refers to resource conservation, while 

  • Effectiveness has to do with mission or task accomplishment 

The photographs in the week 9 Content module could help to make this distinction clear.

There are numerous important external factors that affect the operational effectiveness and operational efficiency of an organization.  Two of the most significant external factors, typically, are resource constraints imposed from above and laws and regulations with which compliance is required.

Quality is rather hard to define.  You may or may not be able to agree that in essence, quality means either the “best” or the “best for the price”.

 According to the full version of Jacobs & Chase (2009) (ISBN 978-0073403304), 

Six Sigma is a philosophy and set of methods companies use to eliminate defects in their products and processes 

However, whether or not you agree with the above views,

  • You are to succinctly define in your own words the phrases (1) “operational efficiency”, (2) “operational effectiveness”, (3) operations strategy, and (4) operational sustainability
  • Then, you will define the concept of (5) “quality” as used in your organization
  • Finally, you are to define (6) “Six Sigma,” and comment on its applicability and value, if any, in your organization.

Should you not be working outside the home, you may refer to any organization of your choice, to include your family.



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