Describe how the field of OD and OD consultants will help/assist this situation. Situation Analysis.

Stellar University has decided to move to a “blended course” delivery format for all of its on-ground courses. Blended courses are partially on-ground in the classroom, and partially online. An example of a blended course is a weekly format of three-hour class and two-hour online component. Another example is 5 weeks in the classroom and 4 weeks online for a 9-week term. The online component might be discussion, case study, activity that is reported on, etc.
The blended course format is a relatively new course delivery method for Stellar University. While some faculty members have used a form of blended in the past, there has been no guidance or direction, and it has not been consistent. SU Administration wants to standardize the format to ensure that students continue to receive a quality and rigorous education, consistent throughout the SU system (SU has campuses throughout the West).
SU faces several challenges. For example, some faculty are great classroom teachers but are not comfortable with computer technology. Another challenge lies with the student population; some students do their homework at home and do not have high bandwidth internet access. Some adjunct faculty members and students travel for their ‘day’ jobs; finding the time to work in and monitor an online discussion will create more work. There are expected to be other challenges.
The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (VCAA), Dr. Brown, has heard of your organization. Knowing that you specialize in organizational change, he has approached you to work with Stellar University on this change initiative. Your team loves a good challenge … and you have lots of “tools” to help you work with Stellar University.
Situation Description
1. Describe how the field of OD and OD consultants will help/assist this situation.
Situation Analysis
2. Critically analyze this case using following models and concepts. How does each help you assess what is going on? How does each lend itself to facilitating the change from current state to the desired future state?
a. nAction Research Model

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