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describe the characteristics of an early childhood professional using the NAEYC standards of professional development. (CO5)


Assignment 4: NAEYC Standards

The purpose of this assignment is to describe the characteristics of an early childhood professional using the NAEYC standards of professional development.  (CO5)

  • This assignment has 3 components. 
  • You must complete all 3 components to receive full credit.
Criterion Percentage of Grade
Seventeen Competencies for Becoming a Professional: A Professional Development Checklist 33%
Fill-in the blank questions 33%
Reflective essay 34%
TOTAL 100%




  1. Download the document Seventeen Competencies. 
  • Save the document to your computer and type your responses directly into the saved document.
  • You are to assess your OWN progress towards the competencies.  If you document that you have a high competency, you must document why you believe this to be true.
  • If you state that you need improvement in an area, you must include an action plan of how/when you will achieve the competency.
  • When finished, save the document and then upload as an attachment to the assignment. This will be document 1.



  1. Document 2 will include:
  • Your philosophy of education and a 300 word reflective essayon what you have gained from completing this assignment and how you will use this information as you plan for your professional future.  
  • The essay will be graded using the rubric below.
  • The Philosophy of Education will be graded as pass/fail.
  • Copy and paste the philosophy of education below into a word document and then write your reflection essay. Both of these items will be in one document.
  • Save this document and upload as an attachment to the assignment.


Philosophy of Education 

  • “I believe the purposes of education are _________________”
  • “I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways. Some of these are __________________”
  • “The curriculum—all of the activities and experiences—of my classroom should include certain “basics” that contribute to children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. These basics include __________”
  • “Children learn best in an environment that promotes learning. Features of a good learning environment are _______________”
  • “All children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn at their best. Some of these basic needs are ____________”
  • “I would meet these needs by ____________”
  • “A teacher should have certain qualities and behave in certain ways. Qualities I think important for teaching are ________________________”


  1. The assignment will have a total of 2 files attached. 
  • Please be sure to upload both files and then hit submit. 

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