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Determine what is a primary source document that relates to the political economic (“who gets what”) framework of the class,


Read the assignment given below. When you are ready to answer the questions, open a new file on your computer and type in your answers. Save the file, then attach and submit the file back through this Blackboard assignment tool. Do so by clicking the title of the assignment on the assignment page, then scrolling down until you see the “Browse My Computer” button. Click that button, then find and double-click on (or open) the file with your answers. You’ll see the filename appear under the heading “Attached files.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Submit” button. Do not forget to click “Submit” once you have successfully attached your file or your file will not be submitted and the assignment will not be graded


1) Determine what is a primary source document that relates to the political economic (“who gets what”) framework of the class,

2) relate knowledge you’ve gained from text and lecture to actual historical documents, and

3) make decisions in terms of the assignment (i.e., regarding topic and source) that may affect your performance on the assignment. (In other words, if you chose a poor topic or poor sources, it will be harder to do well on the assignment. So do some thinking and planning before you jump in!)

For this assignment, you are going to function as an historian. First you are going to chose a topic, then you will find primary sources on it, and finally you will analyze those sources.

Chose your topic:

Your topic must fall between the dates of 1800 and 1840 AND must be something discussed in both the lectures and in the text in Chapter 9 or 10. (Please note that slavery is NOT specifically covered until Chapter 11, though the state of free blacks is discussed in Chapters 9 and 10.)

You must read all the material about your topic in the text and lecture.

Your topic must be related to “who got what and why” in terms economic power, political power, and/or freedom during this time. Hint: Think about what various groups of people in the US (such as labor, business, women, blacks, or Native Americans) got from the market revolution and the practice of democracy in the US and why, then choose your topic accordingly

1) State what topic you decided on and how that topic relates to the idea of “who got what and why.”

2) Provide a brief description of the sources you found and their dates. (For example, “This is a letter written by Mary Jones, in May of 1836, to her parents, talking about mill work.”)

3) Give the web address (URL) for it. Up to ten points will be deducted from your total score if your URL is not accurate and I cannot access your source!

4) Apply your understanding of your topic to your sources. To do this, explain how EACH source directly reflects specific ideas given in the text and lecture regarding “who gets what and why.” For this task you need to indicate how specific information in your sources directly relates to ideas in text and lecture. (This means you must quote or directly reference information from the sources you chose.)

For example: “The author of my source complains that working conditions are deteriorating in the textile mill she’s working in. She says in the second page of her letter that she’s now tending three machines rather than two. This reflects what the text says about changing labor conditions because on page XX the lecture says… ” and then you would fully discuss what the lecture says about changing working conditions in the mills and how that relates to your source. That would be ONE example.

You are NOT summarizing the sources. You are NOT writing a general essay on your topic based on information in the book and lecture. You are explaining how actual historical documents directly reflect the ideas you’ve been learning in class. You are showing how real people in the past experienced and expressed the ideas we’ve been learning about in class.

Here are two websites you might use to find primary sources (you do not have to use these, this is just in case you’re stuck):

A site dealing with changes in democracy: (Scroll down past the “Web Links” list at the top to the “Primary Source Documents” list underneath.)

A market revolution site: (Scroll down past the “Web Links” list at the top to the “Primary Source Documents” list underneath.)


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