difference between naturalistic and expressionistic color.


Type or insert images directly below questions in this document. Following instructions: 5 points.


Short Answer (3 points each, 45 points total):


1)    Explain the primary difference between naturalistic and expressionistic color.



2)    Explain the difference between a non-representational and an abstract work of art.



3)    Give one example of a complimentary color pair.



4)    Copy and paste below an example of an artwork that is either symmetrically balanced or employs approximate symmetry (2 points). State which form of visual balance is being used (1 point).



5)    Copy and paste an example of an image in which scale &/or proportion is being used to alter the meaning of a work.



6)    List three ways that the illusion of space can be created within a 2-D frame.



7)    Copy and paste an example of a 2-D work that creates the illusion of 3-dimensional space.



8)    Give an example of an artist whose work we looked at in class who draws with unconventional material(s).  List the material(s) employed.



9)     Why have ancient frescoes preserved so well (1.5 points)?  Name an artist from class who worked in fresco (1.5 points).



10) Explain the difference between relief and intaglio printmaking techniques.



11) What was the primary goal of the photo secessionists?



12) What is the difference between free-standing and relief sculpture?



13)  Copy and paste an image below which uses contrapposto.



14) Describe one architectural feature unique to gothic cathedrals.



15)  What is one important characteristic distinguishing high Renaissance art (1.5 points)?  Who are the three most influential artists from this time period (1.5 points)?



Short EssaysSelect three of the following questions below to respond to in paragraph form. (10 points each, 30 points total)


1)    Explain the primary difference between Greek and Roman art (6 points).  Give examples of one work from each periodthat demonstrate this difference (2 points each).

2)    Why does Renaissance mean rebirth/what was being reborn (6 points)?  Give an example of a piece that demonstrates this (4 points).

3)    What is performance art (4 points)?  Name a performance artist (2 points), describe a piece by this artist (2 points), and explain the meaning/impact of the piece (2 points).

4)    What are iconoclasts and iconophiles (6 points)?  Why are they significant to the history of medieval art (4 points)?

5)    Identify one important architectural structure primarily used for religious purposes that we discussed in class (2 points). Describe a unique element of the structure (2 points).  Discuss the religion (2 points), time period (2 points), and purpose for which the structure was first built (2 points).

6)    What characterizes Italian Baroque art (4 points)?  Identify a Baroque artist who incorporated self-portraits into their paintings of another subject (2 points).  Describe a painting in which this is apparent (4 points).

7)    How were impressionists first received by critics (5 points)?  Explain how their work differed from the paintings being exhibited in the Salon de Paris (5 points).


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