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Discuss how the main character in “King of the Bingo Game” is driven by desperation.


“King of the Bingo Game”, by Ralph Ellison-Rachel Bevins, English 102 should be placed in the left hand corner of this paper. to write a critical analysis essay. Assume the reader of your paper has read the story; therefore, you will not have a tendency to give the reader a plot summary. You will need to mention the plot or events in the story, but only as they apply to your topic.
You will want to take a theme or concept from the story and develop that theme or concept to give the reader an understanding of the story.
Remember to have a thesis statement that you support in the essay. The thesis statement can be anywhere in the paper, but a good rule of thumb for novice writers is the last sentence of the first paragraph. Also, remember to state the title of the story and the writer’s name. Short story titles should be placed in quotation marks.
You may choose any topic from one of the above stories. You can have any opinion that you choose as long as you support your ideas with examples from the story. In other words, we are not looking for right or wrong here. We are looking at how well you support your thesis. The reader should be able to see where you are coming from. For this paper, research is not necessary; however, if you use research, please be sure to document your sources to avoid plagiarism.
You are free to choose your own topic. However, the following are some possibilities or suggestions:
1. Discuss how the main character in “King of the Bingo Game” is driven by desperation. Some readers see him as crazy, while others see him as a desperate man doing desperate things.
2. Discuss the effect of isolation on the main character, Louisa Ellis, in “A New England Nun”
3. Discuss the concept of perfection and how everything on Earth is flawed, along with what happens when we try to perfect nature in “The Birthmark”.


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