Discuss the Connection Between Organizational Innovation and Sustained Change.


Main Task: Discuss the Connection Between Organizational Innovation and Sustained Change.
The assignment consists of two parts
You will research and then discuss the key points listed below which focus on what a manager should do or how the manager should act to make the organization successful.
Managers should:
• encourage experimentation.
• reward both successes and failures.
• celebrate mistakes.
• actively promote the training and development of all team members.
• encourage individuals to become champions of change.
Using materials presented in the course and research in the Northcentral Library, in a discussion, hypothesize and defend how organizational innovation can help with sustaining transformation. Compare and contrast popular strategies managers currently employ to make this happen to the best of their ability. Initiate a discussion of your concepts, ideas, and thoughts regarding the topic posed. This discussion will be open-ended to afford you the opportunity to interact with your course instructor and possibly other students during the course.
Support your discussion with a minimum of two (3) scholarly resources. 2 resources for your content post and 1 for your answer post.
Please note that your content post is due by 11:59:59 on Wednesday of this week. Once this is complete please post a response post by 11:59:59 on Sunday, the due date of this activity.
Length: Content post 150-200 words; response post 75-100 words.
Length: 1 pages not including title and reference pages
Note that all resources most come from Scholarly Journals. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.
Note: Books are not highly regarded for quality academic sources. This is because of the economic motivation of the authors and reviewers. Journal entries do not have an academic pressure to be popular. For research methods use journals instead of books.


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