Emergency medical services vocational training program for Saudi male nationals aged 18 – 21



Using the provided link below as guideline from “Table of Content to Attachments”;


Write a DETAILED standard Proposal 9 pages long on the following:

TOPIC: Proposal to begin a modern emergency medical services vocational training program for Saudi male nationals aged 18 – 21 years old;

–    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_medical_services

– using the model of the TVT program (Technical & Vocational Training) as seen here: http://www.saudiarabia-jccme.jp/forumpdf/9-3.pdf

–    Using the attached “pre-proposal analysis (pdf) document as a basis for your push to foster a training program of this magnitude;

Proposed Locations: Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Jizan, or any other metropolitan cities in Saudi Arabia

VI. Project Narrative: # 3: Facilities, Resources, and Project Management. What facilities and resources are available? How is the project going to be managed? Who will provide leadership and management for the project, and who are the people involved in implementing the project? What credentials make this project team unbeatable?

British Company Pearson TQ will be expected to provide leadership management and manage the entire program/project; find the profile of Pearson TQ at www.tq.com


This has to do with “adding to the Saudi global growth and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”; The reason why this project is needed is in order to successfully train Saudi Arabian youths ages 18 – 21 in a new vocational Paramedic program constituting of the following sectors; pre-paramedic; emergency medical transportation, road side assistance training; CPR, First aid, life rescue; emergency services; emergency transportation entrepreneurship; trauma counseling services among other program all put together in an educational syllabus/curriculum to run  in semesters or trimesters with breaks in between due to the Islamic Calendar year used in Saudi and their religious holidays taken into severe consideration. The program will be distinctive in that, it will be one yet to be seen or heard of in a growing country like Saudi Arabia.


Mission Statement: is to establish a self-sustaining, unique emergency medical services education program to train young male nationals ages 18 – 21 in the vocational health and public safety industry in Saudi with the ultimate goal of making the future Saudi transportation and public safety second to none globally.

Program Overview:

Using the Technical Vocational & Training models;

All trainings will be executed in English language modes (mostly the classroom based skills as well as hands on training);

EMS; Pre-EMT; EMT; Pre-paramedic; Paramedic; Roadside Assistance Team Unit;



More Information:

> The logic of this project is to propose a detail plan on the need for

> such a program to reduce the death of Saudis via road; as it

> has the highest death rate in the world via road and

> reckless driving. The need for immediate first responds team

> prior to hospitalization and the need to create an

> institute for such program being offered. Youths are

> expected to go through the rigorous dedicated program with

> an English model of teaching/instructing and hands on

> training to be administered throughout the program.

The course expectation is to last for 2 years. 3 months for the prep program (class room); 6 months for the in class program, 9 months for hands-on training and specialization and the last 6 months for on-job site training. Each program runs in several levels according to program development.

> A specialized department will create the curriculum for the

> intended vocational program (Will be attached later on).


> The economic gain: to give youths within the specified age

> range more flexibility on their career path and dreams;

> making this an important foundation stepping program to

> become successful doctors, nurses, and other medical or

> health related professionals. This institute and/or program

> will become the first dedicated to putting all the pieces

> together and offering it on a plate for the Saudi youth.

> This will also add to creating more work force for Saudi

> citizen in the immediate future.


> The main goal and vision: Reducing the rising death rate

> among Saudi drivers by saving the lives as well as other

> road drivers in the entire nation. Every minute counts from

> the time of an accident.


> Educational goal: Boosting the development and educational

> wealth of Saudi Citizens. Growth in entrepreneurship

> creativity for private emergency first responders; rescue

> mission and public awareness

Program Benefits To Saudi Youths: A Medical Services Diploma Certification will be awarded up successful completion of the entire program; A Specialization Certificate will be awarded upon completion of hands-on training; Guaranteed job placements (by company sponsors) will be awarded to students upon successful completion of program.

> What is needed to realize this dream: Partnerships (Private

> and/or Public); Capital Resources (Private and/or Public);

> Workforce & Manpower Resources (Local & Foreign)


> Estimated Program Cost: 400,000,000 (SAR) Saudi Arabian

> Riyals


> Program will be ran solely for the benefit of only Saudi

> Arabian Nationals


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