Entertainment in the Early 1900s


Here is a process paper I’ve already submitted so please go accordingly. Why I chose this topic:
American history has made a great impact in my learning journey of studying history. The first semester portion was all about the new land, slave trade, and civil war. When I was asked to write a research paper, I thought to myself what would interest me if I was living during that period? The first thought that sparkled in my mind was entertainment. After the civil war and the reconstruction, American society began to burst with cultural activities with a new look on life. This welcomes all forms of entertainment from theatre to circus, movies, music, and shows. This created massive business opportunities which was one of the leading reasons for the country’s turning point and tourist attractions. And
How I conducted my research:
I started my research first from the internet then I issued books from my school library. I took some notes from those books. Then I made an outline and I realized I need more information for this research paper. So I asked my teacher for help and she gave me some very interesting points. I noted all those down and searched on the internet again on all of them. I also watched a couple of non-fictional movies which were based on American history such as Pearl Harbor, The Crucible, The Crossing and etc. I completed my outline with the rest of the points.
Why I chose this presentation format:
I chose to write a research paper because I think I can explain myself better in this format than the other formats. This format drags the reader to go deeper into the topic and understand it. It also answers all the readers’ questions like how, when, where, why, and what the topic is. And mainly because this was the easiest format to work with.


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