Epigenetic influence on immunity

Title:Epigenetic influence on immunity

Work:Describe epigenetic mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene expression with reference to their influence in the immune system

You should use tables and diagrams as appropriate. Your assignment must be fully referenced and include a bibliography. Max 1500 words (not including references) – please include the word count for your assignment on the first page. Include your student ID in the header of each page. Each page should be numbered as pg X of Y.

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(nb that the final essay will deal in detail with somatic recombination of B and T cell receptor genes)

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Henry Stewart talks:
– The silent revolution: An introduction to gene regulation by microRNAs (2007). Dr Frank Slack 39 min
– DNA methylathion (2007). Prof Adrian Bird 43 min
– Epigenetic control by histone methylation (2007). Dr Thomas Jenuwein 68 min
– MicroRNA biogenesis (2007). Dr Narry Kim 31 min
– Epigenomics of complex disease (2011). Prof Art Petronis 29 min
– Asthma: an epidemic caused by epigenetics (2011). Prof David Schwartz 35 min