Ethos,Pathos,&Logos (English)

source should be: “The culture of disbelief” by stephen carter

1) Identify the three main appeals you will analyze in the essay (ethos, logos, pathos)
2) Each of these arguments will serve as the main points of your body
3) Begin with an introduction that
a. Has a hook
b. Introduces the author and title of the work to be analyzed
c. Gives a brief overall summary of the main argument of the work
d. A thesis statement that explains how the appeals contribute to the overall argument of the work
e. Previews the three main appeals you will be analyzing
4) Body paragraphs should include
a. Detailed topic sentences as the first sentence of each paragraph that identifies the appeal (ethos, logos, pathos) to be analyzed
b. A transition phrase or word from the previous paragraph in the topic sentence
c. An explanation of the appeal
d. A concluding sentence that explains how the appeal advances the main argument of the essay
e. Examples and direct quotations from the text
5) The conclusion paragraph should
a. Review the main thesis of the work
b. Review the three points discussed
c. A clincher sentence (Ex. Overall…, In the end… etc.)

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