Evaluate domestic and international policies aimed at dismantling structural inequalities in public health.


Ethical Concerns and Potential Barriers

When dealing with public health policy, there are potential barriers to success as well as ethical issues to consider. In this assignment, your focus will be broader than your selected region – Vietnam (See Attachments) as you consider barriers and ethical concerns from a global perspective. Your Ethical Concerns and Potential Barriers assignment should:

•    Evaluate domestic and international policies aimed at dismantling structural inequalities in public health. Your evaluation should include:

o    An examination of the impact of politics, either in regard to the impact on science (such as the potential for contaminated research) or the impact of potential corruption of the system on the implementation of good health policies.

o    A discussion of the role of international law in protecting vulnerable populations.

•    Evaluate the appropriate acquisition, management, and allocation of scarce resources in a global public health environment. Your evaluation should include an analysis of the impact of international monetary policy and institutions on public health policies and practices in developing countries. Be sure to consider any changes that could be implemented to improve their impact.

•    Analyze the ethical considerations that must be taken into account when dealing with international public health settings. In your analysis, be sure to include a discussion regarding how the considerations are different from a U.S.-only perspective.

•    Identify resources you could leverage to ensure legally and ethically defensible policy decisions in an international context.

•    Describe strategies for obtaining reliable data and staying current with trends when dealing with an international context.

Your paper MUST be 4 pages and contain 8 references.


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