Evaluate the role of systems theory in the development of public health practice.


In the Systems Theory and Action Research assignment, you will submit a paper and a PowerPoint presentation. While the paper provides a mechanism to demonstrate writing for an academic audience, the purpose of the Power Point presentation is to develop a skill base of excellence in designing and preparing presentations for boards, special interest groups, classes, or any constituency that may have an interest in the topic or field of study being investigated.

Your paper MUST demonstrate a thorough analysis of a systems theory, action research, and a proposal. The PowerPoint presentation should summarize the information in a way that would be understandable to someone who had not read the paper. Your paper and your PowerPoint presentation should be organized into the following three-section format:

•    Systems Theory

o    Pick a systems theory that relates to any specialty within the human services arena (that is Orem).

o    Evaluate the role of systems theory in the development of public health practice.

o    Examine the theory of globalization and its impact on public health.

o    Analyze and evaluate the evolution of systems theory.

•    Action Research

o    Evaluate how action research theory applies to public health.

o    Discuss the theory and application of action research.

o    Examine examples of action research in public health.

•    Research Proposal

o    Select a different people group from the following list. Note: You cannot select your own group, and you cannot use any of the groups you analyzed in your previous assignments.

    Israeli, Jehovah Witness, Caucasian, Jewish, Indonesian.

o    Design an action research project to analyze the theory in relation to the people group.

You paper should be 10 pages in length.

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain a minimum 15 slides.


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