Evolving HRM


Moving forward with the knowledge you have gained from this course, as well as any work experience, what issues do you think will become increasingly important to HRM? Explain your answer. You must use at least two scholarly sources and one source from popular literature to support your position.

Week Six Lecture

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Hello Everyone,

Although it seems as if we just started with our course, we are almost at the end of our journey. Having studied the wide variety of functions performed by HR professionals, a very simple question presents itself- What is the future of the HR profession?

More than ten years ago, eight leading consulting companies were questioning the future of HR professions and evaluating some of the main factors impacting the HR field. They concluded: “The three most important catalysts for change include 1) employee self-service through web-based portals, 2) increasingly sophisticated call centers and 3) aggressive new entrants into the outsourcing market” (The Future of HR profession, 2002, p. 4). Ensuring that each of the newly identified challenges is properly addressed as companies undergo tremendous changes rests on the shoulders of many HR professionals.

Some HR experts question the future of the HR field in response to increasingly stringent compliance regulations coming from government regulatory agencies, social media impact in the workplace, and the question of essential value of the HR field itself (Hollon, 2013). Let’s review the following questions:

Which HR functions are becoming obsolete?
Which ones are easily replaced by self-service engines to the extent of taking the human element out of the equation?
What happens as a result of some of the above changes to the personnel currently employed within the HR arena and those venturing out to seek employment within this field?
What new ethical dilemmas will emerging HR issues create and how will HRM professionals continue to manage them with integrity and agility?

The vast majority of organizations are trying to address the above questions, and many others pertaining to the future of the HR field. Each organization is finding its own unique path towards discovery of purpose, applicability, and relevance of certain HR functions. Some organizations are identifying a clear path of tasks, trends, and functions HR representatives should focus on. Accenture, a management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company conducted a research initiative in the last few years ensuring that the goals, future tasks, and opportunities of the HR field are very clearly defined. Based on Accenture’s research, the top ten trends were identified:

Tapping Skills Anywhere, Anytime
Managing Your People as a Workforce of One
The Rise of the Extended Workforce
Digital Radically Disrupts HR
Reconfiguring the Global Talent Landscape
Social Media Drives the Democratization of Work
Talent Management Meets the Science of Human Behavior
HR Drives the Agile Organization
HR Must Navigate Risk and Privacy in a More Complex World
HR Expands Its Reach to Deliver Seamless Employee Experiences (2013, p. 4).

OMM618 Week 6 Lecture Pic 2
If we focus on one of these trends, Reconfiguring the Global Talent Landscape, a thorough evaluation of what challenges HR representatives face at a global level needs to be conducted. In the world of fast-paced economic changes, many organizations feel compelled to enter the global marketplace. Some are either opening new facilities in different countries or engaging in marketing and trading operations globally. In order to better adjust to highly competitive global markets and a dynamic, mutable economic environment, many organizations are sending their employees overseas. In fact, more and more global organizations are sending expatriates “not only to share knowledge, but also to build global teams with local understandings of market constraints and regulations as they define competitive global and local strategies” (Egros, 2010, para.3). It is a job of HR specialists to organize and carefully execute many aspects of this global operation. It goes without saying that the vast majority of core HR functions at the global level present HR teams with many unique challenges. “These include: inadequate selection procedures, lack of training, premature departure from foreign assignments, ineffectiveness of expatriates, and family problems and influences on job performance” (Palmer, 2010, para. 8). Being able to address each situation successfully rests on the shoulders of HR teams. The question if these teams are equipped to handle these new challenges remains open. With a long list of HRM challenges, the future of HRM is complicated, intriguing and wide open for innovation and leadership.

Take a few minutes to watch this video clip: The Future of Work!

What are your thoughts?

Connors, G. (2013, February). Employers: Your HR managers should be ‘expert’ at being a fact witness. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/theemploymentbeat/2013/02/27/employers-your-hr-manager-should-be-expert-at-being-a-fact-witness/


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