examine gender inequality during the 19th and mid 20th century specifically looking at women.


b) I am hoping to look at economic difference and gender stereotypes. c) The general sections of my paper will include the legal, social, and political rights of women during this time period. Also, gender roles, double standards, and education opportunities. However, this is just a generalization of what will be included in my paper there is a possibility that some of these sections may be altered after conducting more research. 2) The sociological concepts that I anticipate to include in my paper are: Sexual objectification: To displays that women were often viewed as “stay at home mothers” and that their main responsibilities in life were to reproduce and care for the children. Political economy: To show how women were unfairly treated when it came to their input on politics such as the right to vote. This can also display the inequality that women faced when considering joining the workforce. Alienation: Will provide a visualization of the feelings that most women possessed during this time period such as powerlessness, and social isolation. Discrimination: Providing and interpretation of the unequal and unfair treatment that society obtained against women because of their gender. Sexism: Providing a descriptive example that during this time era several individuals believed that ones sex is superior to the other. As mentioned before the concepts above have a possibility of changing. 3) The methodologies that are intended to be included in this paper are the following: Misogyny: To show the hatred and dislike of women during this time period. In this time period women are not necessary hated, however they are see and unequal for sure. Misogyny may not be the correct term “Male chauvinist” may be a more appropriate term. ? Androcentric- to display that male human beings were the center of the world during this time period. Patriarchy- To display that males dominated the social system during this time era and generally held all the power. Again, I am going to reiterate that there may be added methodologies or some of the provided ones above may not be included in my paper.


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