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explain The grammar of Hong Kong English


Project description
This is related to question 1, but rather than looking at a dialect spoken in the UK you should
focus on the grammar of Hong Kong English. Describing the grammar of this variety as whole
will be too much, so you should concentrate on a number of features and describe them in some
detail. The basis of your essay may be existing descriptions of Hong Kong English grammar, e.g
Gisborne (2000/2002, 2009), Wong (2009). In addition to using these scholarly works, you may
wish to devise a questionnaire related to the features youre interested in, and distribute this
among your friends and family. If you do, please bear in mind that in order to get reliable results
you need at least 30 participants.
If you prefer to work not on Hong Kong English but on some other regional variety, you
may adapt this question for that variety as well. For work on various British English dialects see
e.g. Beal & Corrigan (2002, 2005), Hollmann (2013a), Hollmann & Siewierska (2006, 2007,
2011), , Hughes et al. (2005), Kortmann (2004), Kortmann et al. (2005), Milroy & Milroy (1993),
Siewierska & Hollmann (2007), Tagliamonte (1998), Tagliamonte & Lawrence (2000), Trudgill
and Chambers (1991).

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Wong, May Lai-Yin. 2009. Concord Patterns with Collective Nouns in Hong Kong English. With Illustrative Material
from the International Corpus of English (Hong Kong Component). Linguistik online 37:59-68. available for
download at


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