Explain the story of Apache tribe from its known history to the present.


“Apache tribe”

1. The final research paper will be an extension of the presentations, telling the story of Apache tribe from its known history to the present. Cover history, culture, music, and contemporary issues affecting the tribe. You will need to supplement your written sources with information drawn directly from the tribe itself. Most tribes have a website that includes a tribal history written by the tribe (or at the very least with their input and approval). Websites will also include contact information for tribal members and/or cultural historians who might be willing to speak with you. Written sources in the form of books and articles by academics are good, but they seldom tell the story of your tribe from an inside perspective, a perspective valued in the fields of Native American and Indigenous Studies.

-Papers should be 4-5 pages (1000-1250 words).
-Use a minimum of four written sources in addition to information taken from an official tribal website or individual tribal member.
-Cite your sources using in-text citations or footnotes following the MLA, APA, or Chicago citation formats.
-Please include a word count at the end of your paper

The criteria for the papers includes:
• Paper draft DUE to peers to be workshopped on Friday, May 27
• Quality of content/ideas: Range and depth of the ideas; quality of the original thought; evidence of tribal perspectives; appropriate awareness of opposing views when applicable.
• Organization: Effective title; clarity of the overall topic; logical and clear arrangement of the ideas; effective use of transitions; unity and coherence of the sections; good development of ideas through supporting details and evidence.
• Quality sources: Inclusion and citation of material from tribal and/or peer-reviewed sources and class discussions.
• Sentence structure and mechanics: Grammatically correct sentences; absence of comma splices, run-ons and fragments; absence of usage and grammatical errors; accurate spelling; careful proofreading.


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