Falcao and Blinder eat Chinese food to celebrate victory


Hard to come by! Falcao and Blinder eat Chinese food to celebrate victory Manchester United new signings Falcao and Blinder weekend to celebrate the 4-0 victory over QPR, go to Manchester in Winchester (transliteration) restaurant eat a lot. They also invited Blinder Dutch compatriot Robin van Persie and Patrick Kluivert with them. And Blinder was accompanied by his famous father, former Dutch international Danny – Blinder and Blinder’s girlfriend Candy-Rae-Fleur, but Falcao put on his daughter. The Manchester United star has reason to get this season in the first three minutes to go after a celebration. With Mary, Herrera, Wayne Rooney and Mata’s goal, Van Gaal’s Ultimate Team finally ushered in the first victory since the start of the Premier League after, despite a victory, but Van Gaal was soon remind his FIFA 15 players, the Ultimate Team, there are many areas for improvement. In the fifa 15 game, Van Gaal’s Ultimate Team for the new joined QPR’s Ferdinand and his Ultimate Teammates find any, but Van Gaal believes there is room for a lot of progress in their Ultimate Team, you know, before the transfer deadline to sign the law Falcao and Blinder just into the Ultimate Team soon. He said: ‘I am very satisfied with the outcome of the race, but I think we can do better. Before the fifa 15 game, fifa coins told the lads said, ‘Let’s start again.’ We now have 27 individual Ultimate Teams, including three goalkeepers, before the family portrait, and you should have seen it. ‘Mary outstanding performance in this field, he not only created a free kick that he scored 1 goal, also participated in the Ultimate Team’s three goals. But Van Gaal did not over-praised Di Maria, he said: ‘When you own into a ball outside is also involved in three goals when you can not say a bad performance, but he later lost the ball still has a lot of unnecessary mistakes , he can do better. ‘Falcao in the fifa 15 game and no receipt score, but he thinks he can have a good performance in Manchester. He told reporters: ‘I will work hard at Manchester United more time, I would like to leave my footprints in Manchester, to become the legendary club, all the better. ‘The Colombian striker reiterated his goal to say the effectiveness of such a club like Manchester United. He said, ‘I refuse to have a Champions League match other clubs choose to join Manchester United, I own a club like Manchester United can feel excited. ‘After the fifa 15 game, Falcao also Tweet tweet on to express his excitement, he wrote in the Tweet:’ very happy to be playing at Old Trafford, I got myself on the first day of Fans support feel happy. ‘


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