Farming Autobot For a Mobile Game




Hello, I am Hannah glad to hear that you are interested in the job. The bot is a farming machine for Clash of Clans, i will sent the bot to you with this message. Run the bot after installing it and Clash of Clans in Bluestack. The bot is in Chinese, you could start it with default setting. After running the bot there should be an owl head at the right hand side in bluestack, click the owl and then click play. Then leave it and see how it works. But the bot will kick you off after 25 minutes, then you have to log in again to continue, only paid users can have unlimited access. I want a similar bot like this that works the same but in English, and billing system must be replaced, also some of the features must be improved. I dont have the source code because i dont own it, but hope to own one soon. I wish that you could send me the payment gateway replacement first, then with english version last.


I need someone to create an autobot for me, its a farming bot for a mobile game. I am using one now, but its not mine, i want to own one with my own billing system. I am very satisfied with the bot that i am currently using, so the bot i hope to create would be 90% same with the bot i am using. The bot runs with Bluestack, I will sent the APK file after complete handshake wit youBut i dont have the source code of the bot.

Hope to hear from you. Regards



I just get cheated yesterday,he sent me a half english demo, then i paid for the first money. Then he told me he is not working for it anymore…

do you want the half demo?

it is translated atleast for some,but its just a demo, no source,hope it could help..!!


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