Fundamentals of Nutrition


BIO 170: Fundamentals of Nutrition

Module 1 Homework Assignment




Directions: This homework assignment will be written in the form of a lab report. The lab report consists of the following sections: introduction, materials/methods, data, results, conclusion, and references.  The lab report must be at least two pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, and 12-point font.  Below are the various sections.  Please structure your lab report so that it includes these sections.



  • The introduction mainly consists of three components, background information, objective/purpose of the lab, and hypothesis. Each component should have a paragraph dedicated to it (total of three paragraphs).
    • Background information: Research needs to be conducted on what the topic is about.
    • Objective/purpose of the lab: You need to clearly define why you are conducting the lab.
    • Hypothesis statement: You need to create a hypothesis statement and reasoning for it prior to the start of the lab.


  • The materials section lists everything that is needed to complete the experiment. Please include all material that you used.
  • The methods section describes all the steps that were taken during the experiment. This section should be written in your own words and not take directly from the lab.


  • The data section relays all the data of the lab. They can be presented in charts, tables, etc.  The data must be easily read.  If there are numerical values, please ensure the correct unit of measurement is displayed as well.


  • The results section explains what the data means.


  • The conclusion helps sum up and gives meaning to the results. The hypothesis should be restated and confirmed if it was correct or incorrect.  Any explanation of why should be given.  This explanation of “why” is the driving force of the conclusion.  Reference back to your Introduction to help explain data and results.  The conclusion should be at least two paragraphs in length.


  • A reference section is needed. There should be a total of two references.  If you have a reference in this section, it should also have an in-text citation in the lab as well.  References can be obtained by using LIRN.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for helpful APA format, LIRN, and citation information.


Task/Lab: You will write a lab report for the following task.


Determine if your current diet meets Recommended Dietary Guidelines.


MyPlate, the current USDA food guidance system, provides easy-access advice for both food intake and physical activity.  The Dietary Guidelines (DG) for Americans reflects the growing health concerns of government agencies, health care providers, and professional groups.  Together, these recommendations can help the public analyze their diets.  In this lab, you will analyze your own diet and state your hypothesis.  For example, do you think your current food intake meets MyPlate recommendations and the DG recommendations?


Note: In 2011, the USDA switched from using the MyPyramid Food Guide to the MyPlate Food Guide.


Follow these steps:


  1. First, compile a list of all foods and beverages consumed during one day.
  2. Then visit the website (
  3. Click on the link to SuperTracker (
  4. Follow the directions to set up a profile and proceed to enter your foods/beverages from Step 1 into the Food Tracker.
  5. Enter your Food Items for the day. If a specific food you consumed is not listed in the database, find a generic or close match.
  6. Click Add next to each item you want to add to your list.
  7. Once you have added each item consumed in the day, click on the “Edit” tab on the left side.
  8. Select the Serving Size and Number of Servings for each item.
  9. Record the results of this experiment.
  10. In your conclusion, explain what occurred and if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect. Explain what areas of your diet are adequately meeting recommendations, and if there are any areas lacking, explain how you can improve.




Directions: Read the case study below.  Then answer the questions.  Please ensure that your responses are at least 4 to 6 sentences in length.  Please cite any resources referenced using APA format.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for APA format and citation help.


Rebecca has decided to follow a vegetarian diet.  She has been experimenting with various plant proteins, especially legumes.  Many days she has a veggie burger on a whole-grain bun and salad for lunch; pea soup for dinner; and snacks on fruit, vegetables, and hummus.  She is enjoying the taste of these foods, but is experiencing a lot of uncomfortable intestinal gas.  She is concerned that this could become embarrassing.


  1. Why do you think Rebecca is experiencing so much gas?


  1. How could Rebecca minimize her discomfort and potential embarrassment due to intestinal gas?

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