Globalization is not a new process. Discuss’.


1. Essay
2,000 words
Question: ‘Globalization is not a new process. Discuss’.

Guidance: Students are reminded that the following important information is published in the ULMS Undergraduate Student Handbook, available on-line at:

The information includes advice on:

•How to reference your work
•Lateness penalties
•What to do if you require an extension
•The marking criteria that will be used for this module

Specific guidance on the assessments will be provided in lectures. Given the difference nature of the final essay assessment, extra time will be devoted to explaining this, both through lectures and office hours.

Word counts: The word count given is the absolute upper limit. There is no leeway over this, i.e., students will be penalised if they submit work that exceeds the word limit (the suggestion that you may exceed the word count by 10% is a myth!!)
The following are not included in word counts:

Reference lists/Bibliographies and Question Titles
Appendices/Footnotes- provided these have been used only when necessary. If appendices or footnotes are used excessively, or contain material which should clearly be included in the main body of the essay/report, it is at the markers’ discretion to include these in the word count.
Tables/Graphs- provided these have been imported from elsewhere (correctly referenced) and not produced by the student.
Contents Pages and Front Pages of Reports

As well as the essay/report itself, the following are included in word counts:

Citations/quotations- this includes the material paraphrased/quoted itself as well as the name, date and page information.
Tables and graphs- if they have been produced by the student.
Executive Summaries in Reports- unless otherwise stated.


The following penalties will be imposed on coursework where students are found not to have followed the guidelines set down. No piece of coursework which achieves a mark of 40% or more before the application of penalties will be reduced below the pass mark once penalties are taken into account.
Coursework presented in a form that is difficult to read, e.g., if not word-processed, in a font of less than 12pts, in single spacing or with inadequate margins 5% of the overall mark available for the piece of work will be deducted
Coursework exceeds the maximum word length specified by the module leader 3 marks or pro rata per part thereof will be deducted for every 100 words by which the work exceeds the maximum length. E.g., 6 marks will be lost for work that exceeds the limit by 200 words, 1 mark will be lost for work that exceeds the limit by 30 words etc.
Inadequate referencing Up to 5% of the overall mark available for the piece of work
Failure to include a list of references or a bibliography Up to 5% of the overall mark available for the piece of work
Failure to submit identical pieces of work in hard copy and electronically 10 marks will be deducted
Use of Wikipedia or other Wiki sites as a primary source of research Penalty to be determined by the module leader.
Work submitted up to five days after the deadline set 5% of the total marks available for the assessment shall be deducted from the maximum mark for each working day after the submission deadline, up to a maximum of five working days. E.g., for work marked out of 100, five marks per day will be deducted. The mark will not be reduced below the pass mark for the assessment. Work assessed below the pass mark will not be penalised for late submission.
Work submitted more than five days after the deadline set A mark of zero will be awarded. Where a student is required to re-sit the assessment, a different assessment will be set and the student will not be permitted to submit coursework relating to the original subject.
Failure to mark three student answers (peer marking) for the two business cases. Students will only receive marks for their work IF they have completed, in full, the marking of other student work (three answers for each case, so six answers in total).


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