The purpose of this assignment is to explore the effects of globalization on people’s attitudes,opinions and perspectives.Using a research question and developed action plan,devise a system for analyzing and measuring globalization in both nations and individuals.

1)Use both primary and secondary research.
2)Choose three countries at different stages of development.Devise a a system for measuring their globalization.Is there are correlation between globalization and development?
3)Devise a system form ensuring globalization individuals.What factors determine an individual’s level of globalization. Are there generalizations we can make about them?
4)Clearly outline and document your research question and action plan. Explain how you obtained all your information and include all methods used.
5)Analyze and explain your results.Did patterns or relationships emerge in your findings?
6)Use your information to suggest a way for us to control our globalization levels.

1)What tools can we use to measure globalization?Use of technology,multiculturalism,education,life experience?
2)Primary sources are things like surveys and interviews conducted yourself . Secondary sources include information you have obtained through research.
3)Your action plan should be detailed and include all methods of obtaining, compiling and reporting your research.
4)Make sure your methods and information are organized and understandable.