Health literacy program

Read the scenario and respond to the questions in full sentences. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling:

As a Community Health Nurse, you are assigned to develop a health literacy program at the Yvonne Learning Centerto promote health literacy in a low-income urban area. This program will focus on children ages 3-7 years old, 9-12 years old and 14 to 18 years old .

You will provide basic health information and services about health and teach the children about their bodies and how having a positive attitude and good behaviors influence their health in general.
The goal of information literacy is to promote self-learning and the ability to be self-sufficient.
Why is information on health literacy essential for this group?
What is the initial step you would take before designing the program?
What role/function would you play in the beginning of the assessment phase?
What role/function would you play at the end of the program?
What additional resources would be needed to implement this program?

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